Game on: Disability in sports

April 4, 2023

Parasport Strategies across Canada are committed to increasing participation through inclusive
practices. It is logical to assume that when everyone knows about inclusive sports, everyone
can play.

There are plenty of reasons why document accessibility needs to matter to sport and
parasport organizations. A few of the many reasons include:

  • The adoption of the “Nothing Without Us” principle as a standard of practice ensures
    that the athlete development process is inclusive, meaningful, appropriate, impactful
    and equitable.
  • There is a demand for equity and opportunity for people with disabilities in all levels of
  • It meets Federal and Provincial laws (Accessible Canada Act, Section 508, Accessibility
    for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Accessible British Columbia Act, Nova Scotia
    Accessibility Act, Accessibility for Manitobans Act).

Producing accessible PDF and other communications such as event flyers, training manuals,
registration forms and funding reports that meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
(WCAG), will help sport organizations expand their reach and attract more participants.

Disability in sports is widely misunderstood. Accessible communications can create a change in
culture and put into practice a proactive communication strategy—to help ensure all individuals
have equal access to information both in print and in digital content.

Need help or more information? Accessibil-IT specializes in helping organizations develop
document accessibility strategies and achieving accessible digital communications. We work
collaboratively, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner to make sure your documents are
accessible. Contact us today at or (905) 491-6875.

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